HONOLULU, HI, April 20, 2017 – Guests are in for a surprise this weekend at the 2017 Pele Awards, April 22nd, 7:00 pm, at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel’s Monarch Room, in the form of Pele Awards, The Musical. Lent Enterprises Digital (LED) has been hand picked by the American Advertising Federation of Hawaii - District 13 (AAF-District 13) to create the program theme this year. Instead of the typical awards show format, Jason Lent, head creative of LED, has instead produced an unprecedented musical awards show, complete with original tunes. Music from the show will be available for download via iTunes at the end of the evening with a portion of the proceeds going to AAF-District 13’s Pele Awards College and High School Student Scholarship Fund.

The 2017 Pele Awards, The Musical, was partly inspired by Broadway show, Avenue Q (but without the cursing), and partly by Lent’s own Pele Awards experience in 2016. Says Lent, “Last year was the first time LED entered the advertising and design competition. We were the new kid on the block and surprisingly won a total of seven awards. This year, we have the opportunity to create an entire campaign that included the Pele Awards event program and were inspired to develop a show concept that everyone could enjoy, including guests who aren’t necessarily in the industry.” The storyline follows the trials and tribulations of the underdog, “Dane the puppet” aka Dane Neves, a young ad exec trying to get his foot in the door.” Adds AAF-District 13 Governor and Pele Awards Chair, Paul Lam, “It is energizing to work with young creatives like Lent who come to the table with new ideas of how to make an annual program different and fresh, but I think it will be even more exciting to see how this young ad agency grows on from here.”

The prerequisite for the 2017 Pele Awards, The Musical casting was also unique. Lent continued, “Our desire was to showcase talented individuals that had no connection to the advertising awards program whatsoever, and prove that if you put your mind to it, you could achieve anything. The key message is to persevere because like the song says, everyone deserves a shot.” The all-Hawaii cast includes vocal standouts such as pop singer, ATOM, 2015 Miss Hawaii Teen USA, Kyla Hee, and the current Miss Hawaii Teen USA, Lauren Teruya. Neves and Lent also composed 11 original songs including whimsical “Good Day,” hopeful anthem “Everyone Deserves A Shot,” and hip-hop “Ad Rap Battle.” (Song list attached below).

While developing a script and music might seem a daunting task for some, it actually comes very natural to Lent, thanks to his long background in music production and entertainment. He adds, “I’ve sung since I was five-years old and was part of an opera that toured through Europe. In my teen years, I was part of a four-member boy band called “DisGuyz” which included childhood friend, Bruno Mars. I am fortunate now to blend those experiences into writing digital content, jingles and commercials for many of our clients including Island Air, Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit Union, Vacations Hawaii, and Boyd Gaming, to name a few.”

Although tickets to the Pele Awards are sold out, guests can still experience it by downloading the Pele Awards, The Musical soundtrack via popular streaming service, iTunes. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the AAF’s Ad2 club to provide program and intern experiences for the younger advertising generation to come. In addition, Olelo Community Media has committed to four airings of the entire show production at a to be determined date in the near future.