Atom (born April 10, 1998) is an American Singer-Songwriter from Honolulu, Hawaii. Also known for her modeling and social media personality, she began songwriting at the age of 12 by writing and singing in commercial jingles. She, along with many who listen to her music, describe her writing style as “dark.” Atom explains that [she] “finds beauty in the darkness and flourishes off of tragedy and sadness.” “I mostly write about things I don’t understand like love, and how it lasts or fails, or American culture, which is mostly problematic… or growing up in this generation. I am a part of a generation of people that I do not understand at all.”


Atom’s debut album is scheduled to be released in 2018. Atom’s ethnic background of being half Filipina, has built a lot of curiosity and interest around her sultry exotic look, making her “one to know” in the Philippines. A Philippines tour is scheduled for Atom in the Summer of 2017.


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Pashyn Noheamakanaonalani Santos born January 1, 1987 also known by her online alias and persona Local Maddahs and Pidgin Siri, is a Hawaiian actress, comedian, and Internet personality.


This Kahuku graduate knew at an early age she was meant to be an entertainer.  Though she has always been a performer dancing Tahitian and Hula, she got her start in social media doing spoofs of Jackass on RealPlayer and MySpace in 2003. She still has scars from those videos.


Her first actual comedic video wasn’t uploaded to Vine until January 2014. Nearly 15 years later, Pashyn has become a local media star. She has nearly half a million followers on all her social media platforms including Vine, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram reaching millions weekly. And her reach has gone far beyond Hawaii with big audiences in the Philippines, Japan, Tahiti, and New Zealand.


Thanks to her raw, but engaging and irreverently funny comedy sketches that connects with people through storytelling, she is the top female comedic video makers in Hawaii. Without prejudging what other people might think, she creates her art and shares it knowing that it is changing the world one laugh at a time.

In the mid to late 90’s there was no escaping the music of Forte. This quartet comprised of four beautiful girls from Hawaii Gissele, Kristina, Marlene, and Joanne with powerhouse voices to match. With hits such as “Give My Love To You,” “Follow The Sun,” “Could This Be Love,” and “Loving You,” Forte was a 90’s radio and concert favorite opening for pop superstars such as *NSYNC, 98 Degrees, and Destiny’s Child. In 2002, Forte took a break from the stage to focus on business and family.  


After nearly 15 years, Marlene, Joanne, Gissele and Kay have reunited and released "Forte, The Complete Collection” comprising of over 37 songs all in one box set including a new song  “You."


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Official Release Date: November 24