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AMBLVD definition of Rockstar (RÄK-stär) (noun): Someone who inspires others by doing what inspires them.



AMBLVD Records is an indie record label based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. We create amazing music that spans across multiple genres. From pop to jazz to reggae, we collaborate with and are inspired by incredible talent from all over the globe. Our goal is simple - make music for everyone and share it with the world.


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A song inspired by heartbreak and betrayal, Atom writes to an ex that she is out of the despair stage and has finally moved on. “I’ve had enough, that’s a wrap- I’m done with this shit.” Atom explains, “I couldn’t write a single thing while I was in a ‘happy’ relationship. Being cheated on was devastating but it ultimately was the best thing that could have happen to me because it brought me back into that thinking space where my mind really flourishes.”